Our Daily Diary – Day Two.

Today was the day when our Spanish partners arrived.

They arrived at school around midday. And they had lunch in school with their hosts. The French students spent the morning with their host families and everybody came together at the school for 2:30 pm.

Peter Jonsson, the  headmaster at Fullriggaren Malevik School,  welcomed everybody with a fantastic speech. And  we raised a toast to the success of the project.

We gave gifts to our Swedish partner school from our schools in France and Spain.

And then the students had a « walk and talk » together to prepare to present each other to their teachers in English.

After this it was time for some ice-breaking games.

Click on the photo below to see the video of our cinnamon roll (step one!)

Now click here to see the video of us unrolling the cinammon bun.

It started with the « cinnamon bun roll » – see the video to understand! Then we played « the blanket game »…

and we finished with « the Swedish knot game » – see the photos for more explanations.

Everyone had lots of fun. It was a really great way to start the week all together.

See you tomorrow for some more news.


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