Our Daily Diary – Day Three

Today we gathered at 9:00 in the school restaurant / assembly room called « däcket » which means « deck » in Swedish. The teachers presented the different activities for the week to come.


We are going to follow two different tracks : track A Will be devoted to our shared culture whereas track B Will tackle natural science in our lives. Then we met our team and we chose a name.



From 10:00 to 12:30, we visited lessons with our hosts. We noticed a lot of differences with the French school system.
We had lunch in the school restaurant with our hosts. The food was delicious and we liked the fact that we were able to help ourselves.

In the afternoon, we started to work with our team on one important aspect of the project : our use of water supplies and energy. Then we read the texts and activities we are going to deal with tomorrow in Fjärås Bräka (a nature réserve) and Äskhult ( a typical ancient Swedish village).

At the end of the day, all French students gathered to reflect on today’s experiences. This Time is called « mirror Time  » and we’re all going to do it every day.




We learnt a lot today and we’re certainly going to discover more things tomorrow.



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