Our Daily Diary -Day six: Track A.

We started the day at school with some mirror time all together, reflecting in our groups on what we saw and did yesterday.


When Track B left for the bus, we stayed at school to work on our project.

Then we took the bus and we went to Gothenburg.

We had great weather with 25 degrees. And it was very sunny.

We took the bus at 10h.We arrived at 10h30.
We had twenty minutes to do some shopping.
At 11 am we took the Padden toad boat for a visit of Gothenburg.

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On the toad boat, lots of people got wet when the boat went out to sea.
After the boat trip we walked through the old part of the city to get the tram.

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We took the tram across the city and at 12:30 am we had lunch in a garden



and then we went into the Maritime Museum to learn more together about emigration and inmigration in Sweden. It was very interesting, we learned about how they people emigrated from Sweden to America from 1927 to 1975.

In 1929, the boat was replaced by the plane but even if it was vey slow, people started to prefer the plane. We learnt that the SAL line stopped crossings to New York in 1975.

We just had time for a quick ice-cream and a little time together outside the museum before the bus came to get us.

Text written by Alyssa B (France), Irene V ( Spain) and Hanna J (Sweden).




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