Our Daily Diary – Day One.

Today was the big day! Finally we have arrived here in Sweden!

Here is the account of our day today, written by some of our students:

This morning, we got up at 6:00 am.
We met each other at 7:00 am in front of school.
We put our suitcase in the bus.
We left the school, at 7:15 am and we arrived at the airport at 9h15 am

We checked our bags in at 9:30 am
After we had lunch at 10:30 am

And at 11:30 we passed though the security controls. Mr Pèlerin’s bag was searched. Agathe was searched.
We arrived in the boarding lounge and we did some shopping to wait. It was very boring. We had to wait two hours to take the plane.

At 12:35 pm we boarded the plane.
We were in the plane at 1:05am.

The flight was two hours long. In the plane, we took photos, we ate sandwiches and we worked.
It is not possible to smoke or use a mobile phone or tablet in the plane – just in plane mode.
In the plane the sensations were surprising and we liked the flight because we saw the clouds and the scenery.

Text written by Alyssa, Théo, Hugo, Mathys and Léa.

We arrived in Gothenburg on time at 3:10 pm.

We were met by Peter Jonsson, the school Principal and then we got on the bus and went directly to the school to meet our exchange partners.

There was a drink and something to eat and we were welcomed with the French, Spanish, Swedish and European flags flying in front of the school!

After a short time getting to know each other, everyone left the school at about 6:00 pm to spend their first evening together.

More news tomorrow!


13 réflexions sur “Our Daily Diary – Day One.

  1. Mrs Thielleux dit :

    I wish I were with you for this trip ! I have to wait for Spain 😉 Have a nice trip everyone, I’ll read attentively your adventures !


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